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Dream Ventures
Dream Ventures

Looking for inspiration or guidance in outdoor activities? A guide to A NEARBY forest, lake or yoga mat?

We are Sanna and Roosa, passionate outdoor-lovers trained to instruct stand up paddling (SUP), yoga and outdoor activities. We plan and realize diverse nature experiences for ourselves and especially for others!


Sanna has graduated as an International Wilderness Guide (IWG, from Kuru) in 2017. Along with her studies Sanna has upgraded her wilderness skills up to the level that many would surely wish this sunny SUP and outdoor expert as a company in any tough, remote location. Sanna is also an educated minfulness-coach. Sanna is enthusiastic to share her know-how and she hopes to convey to others the joy, energy and peace that she herself receives from spending time in the nature. Sanna is especially interested in exploring nearby destinations – one does not have to go a long way or for a long time period in order to achieve the well-being effect of the nature.


Yoga and SUP yoga instructor Roosa has practiced yoga since 2004 and is a qualified Yoga Instructor (RYT500 training completed in 2016). Roosa ’s quest for holistic well being makes her equally fascinated by the connection between the mind and the body as well as the connection between an individual and the environment. When not outdoors, Roosa conducts research and works in environmental protection. For Roosa, also yoga is at its best outdoors, where the surrounding nature offers endless source for inspiration and forces one to stay present. SUP yoga is like coming back to basics; knowing your body and staying focused are the key elements when yoga is taken on the water.


Do not hesitate to contact us to see how and where our paths could cross!

Roosa & Sanna


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